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glorify God

To glorify His name and give Him honor by the products we make and the treatment of others in the relationships we develop.


serve with excellence

To provide the best value, design, and quality in our products. To provide superior customer service with a positive courteous attitude. To show a sense of urgency about their problems. To be fair and honest in all our dealings.


value of the person

Through the Positive Employee Philosophy to continue to provide an environment of trust and respect. To develop a team spirit and a winning attitude. To provide fair pay and benefits. To hire the best people and help them continuously develop and improve.


golden rule

To do what we say. To treat them like we would like to be treated.


preserve the seed corn

To provide a reasonable profit and return on investment through growth. To continuously improve by eliminating waste and by striving for excellence.


replenish the earth

To use recycled material where opportunity allows. To handle all waste materials in a manner that will have no harmful effects to the land, water, or air. To conserve energy and future natural resources in the products we make.