HR Sources and Solutions
HRSSThe HR Sources and Solutions division of PI, Inc., is an employment agency that works with clients by providing cost-effective human resource services such as staffing, training, and consulting. HRSS was established in October 1999 when PI’s management recognized the opportunity to satisfy its temporary staffing needs while providing temporary staffing for local businesses. At present, HRSS has an extensive customer base and is a leader in the local staffing industry.

In an effort to continuously enlarge our customer base we have developed an extensive marketing plan as well as community involvement by working closely with the Athens Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Agency to attract more industry to the Athens area. We have also partnered with the local school systems, local newspaper, and the Adult Education Center to provide ongoing educational opportunities for our community to improve the quality of the workforce in this area.

We strive to offer more diversified services and grow with the changing demands of today’s world. Our future is bright, as we have accomplished recognition in the community and continue to make the contacts necessary for future growth.