Hydra PoolsPlastic Industries entered the inground swimming pool business in 1984 as Hydra Pools. We began as a manufacturer of polymer pool products and braces. The following year we began manufacturing our own pool liners. At that we time we occupied a small office space apart from our manufacturing facilities. Growth was steady, and Hydra is now housed in a 120,000-square-foot dedicated facility with state-of-the-art equipment for designing and manufacturing our products.

In 1998 Hydra increased its molding capabilities by 50 percent, from 172,800 panels per year to 259,200. Our liner production capabilities have also increaesd and now stand at 150 per day. Hydra is well positioned to serve the industry with quality products and timely delivery.

In 1989 Hydra purchased the rights to the Aqua Genie Pool Maintenance system. This system dramatically reduces the time and effort needed to maintain a pool properly. And it follows Hydra’s approach to provide totally engineered pool systems. In 1996 Hydra went on to purchase a line of steps that gives us the exclusive Cozy Corner step. Sold under the Sweetwater name, these steps add unique beauty to any pool.

Hydra strives to complement its high quality products with equally high standards of customer service and field support. Hydra Pools is deeply committed to the pool industry, providing quality products and unsurpassed customer service.